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Patient Testimonials

I am enjoying hearing TV & cell phone conversations like never before with my Siemens Bluetooth Tek and my new hearing aids
Lanette S
You always treat me like family. It's the only doctors appointment I look forward to. I truly appreciate your help. It's amazing how much I haven't missed in life because you insisted and helped me afford that first hearing aid when I first saw you. Thank you!
Scott S
Estos audiofonos me estan ayundando salir adelente. Estoy aprendieindo hablar por la primera vez.
Wearing hearing aid is the best thing I’ve done! The best decision I made was to come and see you.
Lou Jean
For years I suffered with horrible dizziness. Now, after treatment, my dizziness is gone!
My new hearing aids open the door to a whole new world I didn’t even know existed. They’re awesome!
Connie S
With my initial visit, I was Impressed with your professionalism, courtesy and genuine interest in helping me. Your knowledge and experience is far superior to anything I’ve ever seen.
My hearing aids have totally changed my ability to understand what’s going on (i.e. in church meetings, dinners, banquets, etc.)
Your personal service is outstanding!
Jeanine Stevens
My hearing aids have made my life a lot better.
Estoy agradicido con la audiologa Christensen pre su valiosa ayuda. Me da esperauza de poder haeer tantas cosas.
You have gone out of your way many times…Service is second to none…Since I’ve had my hearing aids its opened up a whole new world to me.
I can hear the birds sing again! You guys have been a life saver. My hearing aids have changed my life.
TV Ears have made watching TV more enjoyable than I can recall in years. Even the Bitish shows come in clear. I wish I would have had them years ago.
I have been a patient of Dr. Lisa Christensen since 2002 and could not ask for a better treatment for my hearing loss. Dr. Christensen and her staff are dedicated to improve your hearing, they leave no page unturned. From the moment you enter the office you are greeted warmly and only a moment goes by until you are seen by a physician. You will walk out of the door with a smile knowing you have received the finest hearing evaluation and the proper hearing aids available for your hearing loss. Dr. Christensen, thank you for the quality of life I enjoy now and an additional ‘Thank You’ to your dedicated staff. It is quite obvious you all love what you do and it is not just a job you are all ‘Audiology Professionals’.
This has been a huge help for us to be able to see Dr. Christensen. We had so many questions about hearing aids and my mother-in-law’s hearing. Dr. Christensen was able to test her hearing, fix the hearing aids, train us how to use the hearing aids and take care of them. The customer service was remarkable! We will definitely be back. Everyone should come here in the first place. Don’t go anywhere else. There is such a breadth of knowledge to take advantage of here. This is really the place to get hearing aid problems solved. It gets to the root of the problem.
After doing the testing for getting dizzy (BPPV) and having it fixed I was very pleased with the results. I was having this problem when I would get out of bed, now I get in and out of bed with no dizziness at all. I feel like it worked like a charm.